• Diagnostics can make a difference In resource poor settings, where electricity is uncertain, climate control difficult, and access to diagnostic technologies limited, physicians rely upon the most basic tools to diagnose disease.

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  • Diagnostics can make a difference In many areas of the world, some of the most treatable diseases and conditions remain health burdens due to a lack of appropriate or available diagnostics.

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  • Diagnostics can make a difference Providing local health practitioners in developing countries with access to diagnostic technologies that have become the standard of care in the Western world can transform the way patients with diseases such as tuberculosis and AIDS are diagnosed and treated.

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About the Foundation

The Catalysis Foundation for Health, founded in 2007, is dedicated to facilitating the efficient discovery, development, manufacture and distribution of modern diagnostic tests to address life-threatening infectious diseases and chronic conditions that are endemic in the developing world.

Building on the extensive industry and global health experience of its Founders and operating through coalitions of public-private partners, Catalysis hopes to alleviate the healthcare gaps caused by lack of access to diagnostic technologies in low resource settings.

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Catalysis in the News

Catalysis Receives $5 Million Grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for Tuberculosis Diagnostic Biomarker Research

The grant money will be used to discover new tuberculosis (TB) biomarkers that can be used to improve diagnostic tests and potentially develop more effective TB treatments.

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